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Wired iPad App

May 31, 2010 1 comment

Yesterday I tried the first Wired magazine app on my iPad. It was a brilliant reading experience that offers a promise of what magazines could morph into. When I handed the iPad to a friend he immediately had that characteristic grin that accompanies the sensation of a new experience.  It may or may not represent the definitive future of the magazine format, but I wanted to find out what others had thought. A quick look online revealed that the app’s first day was immensely successful with around 24,000 downloads. However, there was also a strong wave of opposition, mainly centered around the resemblance of the app to the multimedia cd-roms of the 90s. Who cares!? If it is a joy to use, feels good to read, and satisfies any number of people, then it is a positive outcome. Digital natives may not care that the
app generates a tactile feel similar to a print magazine, but then again they may enjoy it because of the interface and the richness of the content. Then again they may reject it as cumbersome when compared to a quick in and out of a googled wired article on the web. Irrelevant. What matters is that the experiments have begun. Editors and journalists are all toying with new forms and styles and technologies in the search for that elusive successful digital transition rather than just bemoaning the decline of their print business.

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