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The Right Fight

April 6, 2010 Leave a comment

During a talk by Damon Beyer, co-author of “The Right Fight”, there was a very interesting discussion about the pro-active use of conflict in an organization to drive creativity. According to Damon, the leading predictor of organizational failure: when employees are “happy”, as this leads to complacency and therefore a lack of innovation. However, the second most common predictor of organizational failure: employee burn-out because they are too stressed. Managers must always walk this fine line between keeping their teams “fighting” for what they believe is right for the organization while at the same time not over-stressing them to the point where they mentally and physically shut down.

Another interesting insight: 85% of arguments at senior management level are over events that have taken place in the past. In other words, management energy is wasted on things they can not change rather than focusing on future events.