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My lawyer told me to lie, and so I did

March 29, 2012 Leave a comment

It is very common, when looking at twitter profiles, to find wording similar to “[job title] at [company]. Views are my own and do not represent those of [company]”

Really? In the age of the Internet you still think you can simply get away with such legal dross?

Your [company] hired you. It gives you the authority and resources to influence its future direction. Your statements on Twitter are a reflection of your world view, your ethics, and your personality. If the actions of your [company] are determined by your decisions, then who you are and what you say/do IS part of your company’s view. Just because your legal department is worried about the negative implications of employees tweeting their heart out to all who would listen doesn’t mean you can disassociate your beliefs and behavior from your company with a quick statement of deniability. This is particularly true for journalists and media professionals who have platforms that allow them to influence public discourse.

The transparency of social media is a double edged sword. If you can’t take the challenge of tweeting in a manner that reflects the ethics and responsibilities of your job, then it is best you don’t tweet at all.