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Great content needs development time

In April, Abu Dhabi Al Oula will begin to broadcast a weekly series called “3ard khass” or “special exhibit”. In my opinion, this series will set a new standard in quality for a drama series produced in the Arab world. Its story revolves around five young people trying to succeed in the media world. Not only is it cinematographically far superior to any other work of Arabic fiction out there, but I was particularly impressed when it was first pitched to me how much effort had gone into character development, story arcs and plot lines. In an age where most Arabic series are pitched via a fairly generic half page synopsis followed by an all encompassing list of potential leading actors, the level of thinking and detail devoted to the development of the 3ard Khass script was refreshing.

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  1. Maya
    March 23, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Hello Karim,
    Welcome to the blogosphere! I watched your intervention at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit and it was refreshing to hear someone finally being totally honest and blunt about the state of the industry.
    Keep it up, ill be following you… from Beirut.

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